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Big Data & Your Privacy

By   /  September 4, 2012  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

Chris Taylor has written an article for Forbes discussing Big Data, privacy, and the public. He writes, “While you slept last night, the world around you continued to amass information about everything, including you. Banks processed your purchases. Your credit information was updated and redistributed. The electric company recorded your power usage. As Malte Spitz showed us in his TED piece, your cell phone on your nightstand dutifully reported your location. We’ve more or less accepted this as part of our technological life. The alternative is to live ‘off the grid’ and outside the conversation. Few are willing to do that.”

He continues, “But there’s more than that going on. When you went for coffee this morning the camera on the police cruiser’s dashboard watched you cross the street. The ATM caught a glimpse as you passed by. When you staggered into Starbucks, that camera on the corner bank relentlessly recorded your moves. Do you care? You should because video is on the verge of being data in the same way that conversations and transactions already are. As video-as-data becomes economically and technologically feasible, no human eye needs to watch a screen to know what happened and the level of detail (data) that can be taken away from video goes up exponentially. It becomes frames per second times screen resolution. It makes today’s big data tomorrow’s tiny data.”

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