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Big Marketing Data and the Bubble

By   /  January 23, 2013  /  No Comments

chmtby Angela Guess

Scott Brinker of ChiefMarTec.com recently discussed how Big Data is effecting the marketing world. Brinker begins, “Let’s face it: marketing is in a big data bubble. That’s both a ‘big data’ bubble and, more generally, a big ‘data’ bubble. Everyone is talking about data, big data, data analytics, big data analytics. Vendors, analysts, consultants, pundits, bloggers, etc., are all falling all over themselves to squeeze these terms into their propaganda content marketing. As just one example, three out of the Top 10 predictions for CMOs by IDC revolve around data. How CMOs must have a strategy for how market-driven data will contribute to corporate objectives (#1). How CMOs will be in jeopardy if they fail to produce a robust data analytics function (#4). How 50% of all new marketing hires will now have a technical background as the CMO scrambles for data analytics proficiency in the department (#5).”

He continues, “In fact, the subtitle of IDC’s accompanying webinar was Today’s CMO Becomes a Master of Data. Now, I love data as much as the next techy-geeky-marketing-wonk-with-a-blog. But what strikes me about all this explosive data chatter — in no small part, driven by the peaking hype cycle of big data as a miracle drug — is how little recognition is being given to the operational implications of actually using data. For instance, IDC’s predictions for 2013 state that the CMO will be given full responsibility for ‘data analytics’ — and, in some unspecified way, required to tie that to business growth. The hiring of people with technical backgrounds in marketing is expressly for ‘data analytics proficiency.’ The wholesale replacement of legacy CRM infrastructure is justified by ‘greater insight into the revenue impact of marketing and sales’.”

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photo credit: ChiefMarTec

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