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Bigger Alone is Not Necessarily Better

By   /  October 5, 2012  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

Jeff Kelly of Wikibon.org recently argued that Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, is a bit off with his message at this week’s Oracle OpenWorld event: “Larry Ellison’s target was archrival SAP. ‘SAP has an in-memory machine, you know, that’s a little bit smaller than what we offer,’ Ellison said at OpenWorld yesterday, referring to SAP HANA and Oracle’s own all in-memory database Exadata X3, which debuted this week. ‘We have 26 terabytes of memory; [SAP offers] 0.5 terabytes of memory.’ In case you missed his point, Ellison put it as succinctly as he could: ‘The HANA in-memory machine is, like, really small’.”

Kelly goes on, “So here we go with the ‘mine is bigger than yours’ debate. I don’t particularly want to indulge Ellison, but he’s just plain wrong… But more importantly, Ellison’s attack on HANA’s manhood just flat misses two important points. One is that, while size matters in this the Era of Big Data, first and foremost enterprises want to know how vendors are going to help them turn all that data into valuable, actionable insights. That means Ellison would be better off using his bully pulpit to talk about Big Data use cases, illustrating how real-time Big Data analytics from Oracle allows enterprises to make smarter, faster decisions than the competition.”

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photo credit: SAP

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