BigVoice Announces Big Data Analysis Platform

Digital marketing agency BigVoice Unlimited has announced a new Big Data analysis platform. According to the company, the platform is "a comprehensive set of consumer research tools and methodologies designed to deliver more meaningful web-based consumer insight & brand information. At BigVoice our goal is to help our clients improve the accuracy and efficiency of marketing activities by providing fast, cost-effective digital solutions for consumer research, strategic planning, and measurement analytics. Our new Big Data Analysis platform utilizes patented technology to capture timely and precise consumer insight from the web and social media that can be used to more effectively reach, attract and engage consumers to accelerate business growth."

Chris Bryant, head of digital strategy at BigVoice stated, “Our top-tier Big Data Analysis platform uses patented semantic categorization algorithms that consistently yield accuracy levels around 92% - much higher than the industry average. This platform allows us to analyze very large data sets much more efficiently and with very little human intervention.” The article continues, "BigVoice’s text-mining approach leverages proprietary semantic analysis tools to economically process large volumes of online user-generated content to produce market-structure perceptual maps and meaningful competitive landscape insights without interviewing a single consumer."

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Image: Courtesy BigVoice