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Bing Celebrates 5 Years with Search Retrospective

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Amy Gesenhues of Search Engine Land reports, “To celebrate its 5th birthday today, Bing has posted a retrospective of the last five years.”


Amy Gesenhues of Search Engine Land reports, “To celebrate its 5th birthday today, Bing has posted a retrospective of the last five years and is offering Bing Reward credit perks for any users who search on the site between now and June 9. Going all the way back to 2009, Microsoft’s search engine outlined its initial goals of leveraging semantic search. Bing noted how it introduced specific verticals (“like Health and Travel”), and offered “left rail categories” to help users drill down into the information they wanted: ‘Searching for Chicago would show you both categories for the city and the band, and only return results that made sense for that category. Later in the year, we built additional vertical experiences that cleanly segregated the mass of web content into understandable and logical experiences, like TV entertainment, Shopping, electronics, and more’.”


She goes on, “By 2013, Bing says its investments in its ‘knowledge repository’ started to pay-off as it began to understand the billions of people, places and everything else across the globe. According to to Bing: ‘It was the first time that a large commercial system actually understood its place in the world and was able to understand that ‘Chrysler Building’ wasn’t just text on a page, but a thing that had windows, floors, offices.’ Looking into the future, Bing says it is shifting its focus to be a search engine for our ‘new, changing’ world, offering more relevant information to be delivered to users when and where they need it. ‘You should expect proactive experiences that anticipate what you need. You should expect information to be actionable for what you need at home or work,’ said Bing, going on to claim only it and Microsoft can accomplish such feats.”


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Image: Courtesy Bing


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