BloomReach Uses Non-Invasive Machine Learning to Track Customers


John Koetsier of Venture Beat reports, "Some sites are stupid. They don’t know you; they don’t know what you like; and they don’t know what you want. Even if you’re among the tiny six percent of visitors that log in, the site is the site is the site. 'Unless you put the $4 billion a year that Amazon puts into its technology, you end up with a pretty dumb site,' Joelle Kaufman, BloomReach’s head of marketing and partnerships, told me yesterday. 'We use technology to unlock that potential and make every web experience — mobile, tablet, desktop — oriented around the individual and their need at that moment.'"


Koetsier continues, "It doesn’t work how you might think it works. BloomReach doesn’t track people around the internet via cookies or any other technology. It doesn’t ask you to log in and then survey you on your preferences, likes, or dislikes… Instead, the company uses its machine learning technologies, which currently drive over one billion web interactions a day, to get to know you just like an old-fashioned proprietor in an old-fashioned store might. 'All that demographic data doesn’t correlate to your intent,' Kaufman says. 'We care about what you do … for example, if you click on ‘what’s hot right now,’ immediately I know what you’re interested in, and I know that you’re interested in social media, and I know that you’re interested in what other people think.'"


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Image: Courtesy BloomReach