Bluefin Labs is Making Serious Headway on TV and Social Media

According to a recent article, “Bluefin Labs, a technology company grounded in cognitive science research, announced today that it has begun pilot testing initiatives that for the first time provide an actionable, key link between TV and social media. Bluefin Labs’ semantic technology interprets audience responses and intelligently pinpoints what people are reacting to – down to specific scenes, characters or even certain words that are used. Through partnerships designed to unearth and act upon insights from this quickly evolving area of marketing science, the company is in testing with top brand advertisers, agencies and content providers. Participants include: Best Buy Co., Inc., Mars, Humana, Razorfish, SS+K, Hill Holliday, Dentsu and FOX Sports.”

Deb Roy, founder and CEO of Bluefin Labs stated, “With the combination of science and large-scale computing, we are solving a problem that has eluded TV for more than 60 years: how to measure actual audience engagement and not just simple media consumption… Marketers and TV networks are looking to us to understand how their audiences are responding to ads and shows on TV, and we are able to provide them with data in near real time.”

The article continues, “Bluefin Labs is able to demonstrate exactly how TV shows and commercials directly affect audience response, sentiment and intent. Marketers can therefore use Bluefin data to understand audience engagement with TV ads. Furthermore, the data provides them a view into which TV networks – even which specific TV shows – garner the highest levels of audience engagement via social media response, thus enabling more sophisticated decision-making throughout the advertising lifecycle.”

Image: Courtesy Bluefin Labs