Book Discovery Tool BookVibe Uses Data from Twitter

Calvin Reid of Publishers Weekly reports, "BookVibe is a three-year old Big Data venture that has developed a natural language search technology that allows users to search their tweets and extract the books that are being discussed by the people they follow on Twitter. The service is free to use for consumers and is looking to generate revenue by mining the data for book recommendations and book discovery and offering the relevant analytical information to marketers, publishers and authors. Founded by Ramesh Haridas, BookVibe is a unit of Parakweet, the developer of the natural language processing technology that allows the company to crunch through hundreds of millions of tweets and detect and extract tweets with very specific meanings from normal language. In June Parakweet received $2 million in investment funding from Scott Banister (and early investor in Zappos and PayPal), Alan Braverman of Yammer and others."

Reid continues, "Bottom of Form

In a phone interview with Haridas, he said the company’s natural language processing technology can search through about 500 million tweets a day and detect 100,000 tweets that are not only specifically about books, but whether the tweets deliver positive or negative comments about the book. He claims the technology has a 96% accuracy rate for identifying tweets about books. The company is based in Palo Alto, has six fulltime employees—primarily computer and data scientists and engineers—and has several clients, including a national retailer and a large TV company although Hardas said NDAs prevented him from naming them."

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Image: Courtesy BookVibe