Boopsie Partners with Parity Computing to Provide Library Apps for Corporations in Need of Efficient Mobile Access


Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) February 12, 2014--Boopsie, Inc., the leading mobile solution for libraries, announces its partnership with Parity Computing Inc., the leader in intelligent automation solutions for the Science, Technology, and Medicine (STM) industry, to provide mobile apps and efficient analytics services to libraries. The partnership is focused on providing rich search and recommendation services to academic and corporate libraries.


Parity provides powerful data mining, analytics, and decision-support systems for STM publishers and research institutes. Semantic analysis is a core part of Parity’s approach to deriving insights from large, heterogeneous, and often unstructured data sets. Parity’s Semantic Profiling Engine™ - applied to corpora of scientific, engineering and medical literature, business documents, and clinical records - enables applications ranging from automated publication profiles of scientists to journal, article, and grant recommendations.


“With the increased adoption of BYOD, we’ve noticed a growing need for more efficient mobile access across all platforms via native mobile apps,” says Steve Nathan, CEO of Parity Computing. "Corporations, publishers and government entities are in need of getting more use from their subscriptions to scientific journals, and Boopsie’s native mobile apps have been successful in increasing use for their partners.”


Parity’s faceted search combines the power of search with that of navigational browsing using different hierarchical categories including ontologies. Users can navigate multi-dimensional information spaces by combining keyword search and progressively refining their search using the hierarchical categories.


About Parity Computing


Parity provides powerful data mining, analytics, and decision-support systems to publishers and enterprises in the Science, Technology, and Medical (STM) industry. Parity’s suite of products includes the Digital Library Platform, Author and Institution Profiling System, Reference Tagger and Linker, and Semantic Profiling and Recommendation Engine. For further information visit


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Image: Courtesy Parity Computing