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Boosting Collaboration with Semantic Search

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Christian Buckley of Business2Community recently wrote, “Search is critical to every enterprise collaboration platform.”

Christian Buckley of Business2Community recently wrote, “Search is critical to every enterprise collaboration platform. Whether it be a structured enterprise collaboration management (ECM) platform, our email system, or even our burgeoning social networking tools, information workers increasingly rely on these systems of record to help them connect, relate and communicate. Some of their features make communication with geographically remote partners and peers almost seamless, as if they were right across the hall. Yet, the best social or content management features in the world cannot make up for the fact that search, for most organizations, is fundamentally broken. The ties between search and collaboration are simple: if you can’t find your data or content, collaboration will be limited. How can you collaborate if you cannot correlate the dialogue with your content?”

He continues, “A few years back, my former consulting company did a lot of pro bono work for startups and entrepreneurs coming out of UC Berkeley and Stanford. Sometimes these projects led to consulting projects, but most of the time not. Our decisions to take on these projects were mostly based on how interesting we found the technologies involved. One startup had raised some angel investment and was aggressively pursuing venture capital, but had received feedback that their product roadmap, as well as their overall marketing strategy, needed some help. They had developed algorithms and a novel approach to building a semantic search solution. For those unfamiliar with the concept of semantic search, it is the idea that you can improve on search by interpreting the intent and contextual meaning of your content, generating more meaningful results than predictive relevancy in traditional search.”

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