Bottlenose Beta Two Features New Layout and Enhanced Visuals, And Invites More Users In

There’s a new version of Bottlenose – Beta 2 is up and about today. The service for driving real-time understanding and surfacing of personally relevant content from your social streams, launched back in December (see story here).

One of the things most apparent to existing users of Nova Spivack's new service is the refreshed look, with a three-pane layout so that you can see your folders, your stream, and Sonar in a single view at the same time. Viewing Sonar – which gives you the ability to visually wade through a stream in real-time from trending topic to trending topic and to drill into conversations with a click  – in the larger context is more convenient and helpful.

The update, according to Bottlenose, also improves authoring and sharing. You can post messages to your networks right from the service, and now at any length with its auto-shortening capabilities for Twittering. Bottlenose also reports that it’s improved auto-tagging for posts.

Other embellishments include the addition of rich embedded previews into messages so that you can view photos, videos and web previews as you read. There also are improved user profiles that include individuals’ influence and follower stats. The service also is letting in more users, starting today.

For more details, read the blog posting here.