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Bottlenose Launches New Features, Early-Access Beta of Pro Version

By   /  December 12, 2012  /  No Comments

Bottlenose has released several new features based on client feedback.

Bottlenose has released several new features based on client feedback. According to the company, “We’ve redesigned the way you can post messages in Bottlenose. You can easily select a list of your many accounts or Facebook pages and post an update (This also works for reposts and replies). Also, we now autocomplete usernames on Twitter so you can easily mention, reply or DM someone.” There is good news for Bitly users as well: “You can now add your Bitly account, which enables you to use your own custom URL shortener when publishing messages. That way you can track clicks and demographics for each update.”

The company also announced, “We have been hard at work on the Pro / Enterprise version of Bottlenose, and it’s now in private beta, with a number of global brands. We plan to release it to more customers in Q1. The Pro / Enterprise version provides all the features you know and love, plus powerful best-in-class live social analytics and discovery capabilities, including: (1) Deep audience insights. Engagement, influencers, demographics, geography, psychographics. (2) Sentiment analysis. The most in-depth view of audience sentiment for any topic or brand. (3) Content analysis. Deep insights into trending content and topics. (4) Trend discovery. New tools for early detection of emerging content and trends, and near-term future prediction. (5) Big data. Analyze the Twitter firehose, and other ‘big data’ sources (ocial networks, blogs, discussion boards, etc.)”

Learn more here.

Image: Courtesy Bottlenose

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