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Brain-Like Algorithm Enables Real Time Natural Language Processing

By   /  July 22, 2015  /  No Comments

ciby Angela Guess

A recent article out of the company reports, “Cortical.io, an innovator in Natural Language Processing (NLP), announces the availability of its Retina engine in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Based on an advanced proprietary machine intelligence algorithm, the Cortical.io Retina engine encompasses a wide range of highly efficient NLP tools for text filtering, classification, clustering or searching, that work across languages and in real time. It enables direct semantic comparisons of text, making complex NLP operations stunningly simple. Now the Cortical.io Retina engine is available to developers as a REST API on the Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform.”

Francisco Webber, co-founder of Cortical.io, commented, “Our customers typically look for a flexible, highly scalable platform to integrate the Cortical.io Retina engine into their own application… Whether they have developed the ultimate news filter that must analyze terabytes of data in real time, or a tool that automatically categorizes product descriptions independently of the language used, they can now handle any workload, anywhere in the world.”

The article adds, “The Cortical.io Retina engine offers a fundamentally new approach to handle Big Data originating from unstructured text sources. It can be easily integrated to develop the next generation of business applications for social media monitoring, enterprise search, information discovery or profile matching, with unmatched quality.”

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photo credit: Cortical.io

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