Bringing Together the Cloud & Semantic Tech

Eric Little of Bio-ITWorld recently discussed how private cloud technologies can be used to improve semantic technologies. He writes, "While semantic technologies provide a sophisticated way of modeling complex relationships between data, the graphs that are created within semantic solutions can quickly grow to enormous sizes, given that they capture not only the elements contained within an enterprise’s raw data, but the added litany of related facts and relationships generated by automated reasoning, where 10-100 times as much new data can be generated from a single data source. As an example, imagine taking one’s raw assay data on a given compound, then linking it to all known data about related clinical studies and phenotypic effects, as well as underlying genomics data."

He goes on, "The ensuing data graph would quickly become unmanageable and that is only a small portion of the relevant data one may wish to interrogate for a given study.  Semantic solutions alone do not solve the problem of providing people with the data they need to make better decisions across a large enterprise, rather, they can cause a logjam of computational resources making large-scale tractability nearly impossible. Cloud technologies can be leveraged to improve the computational issues facing semantic systems by providing a scalable and computationally tractable infrastructure to support numerous computations over large data graphs."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ karin dalziel