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How to Build Your Own Knowledge Graph (Video – Part 1)

By   /  June 26, 2014  /  No Comments

Photo of Jarek Wilkiewiczby Eric Franzon

Straight out of Google I/O this week, came some interesting announcements related to Semantic Web technologies and Linked Data. Included in the mix was a cool instructional video series about how to “Build a Small Knowledge Graph.” Part 1 was presented by Jarek Wilkiewicz, Knowledge Developer Advocate at Google (and SemTechBiz speaker).

Wilkiewicz fits a lot into the seven-and-a-half minute piece, in which he presents a (sadly) hypothetical example of an online music store that he creates with his Google colleague Shawn Simister. During the example, he demonstrates the power and ease of leveraging multiple technologies, including the schema.org vocabulary (particularly the recently announced ‘Actions‘), the JSON-LD syntax for expressing the machine readable data, and the newly launched Cayley, an open source graph database (more on this in the next post in this series).

In addition to these resources, Wilkiewicz says that Google is also providing, “sample open source implementations of each of the components [used in the sample app]…the website, the mobile app, the crawler, and the small knowledge graph running in the database…We have also built a mobile and web simulator to help you trigger the schema.org actions defined in the JSON-LD documents…”

Jarek is ultimately demonstrating how even a very small business — such as this fictional record shop — can leverage linked data and W3C Semantic Web standards to implement a business-specific knowledge graph.  “Rather than inventing a new publishing format, we will apply the Linked Data principles,” says Jarek. Check out the full video below, then see Part 2 of this series which goes deeper into Cayley and includes information on how the Knowledge Graph leverages Freebase. Part 3, also delivered by Wilkiewicz, covers adding schema.org Actions into the mix.

Learn more from Jarek Wilkiewicz and Shawn Simister at the upcoming Semantic Technology & Business Conference, where they will present “When 2 Billion Freebase Facts is not Enough.”



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