Call for Participation: An Open Data Survey

Paul Miller recently called on Open Data professionals to participate in a brief survey. He writes, "Back in 2006 as we rolled out the first public draft of the Talis Community Licence, the world of data licensing seemed a simple place. Today, the Open Knowledge Foundation‘s Data Hub contains 3,888 data sets, many of which are explicitly licensed with respect to the Open Definition. But many are still not explicitly licensed. Over at the UK Government, there are 8,619 data sets today, and an assertion that 'in general, the data is licensed under the Open Government License.' Too much still isn’t, of course, but they’re getting there. And then there are the many, many more data sets out on the web, not registered with repositories like the Data Hub or at all. More than four years on, how are we really doing?"

He implores, "As a scoping exercise for a larger project that I might be undertaking, I’d be really grateful if you could take a moment to fill in this brief survey [which will open in a new window or tab]. It simply sets out to assess the relative proportions of data that are not openly licensed, that are implicitly open, explicitly open with some home-grown statement, or explicitly open and using a recognised data license like CC0 or one of the Open Data Commons licenses."

Read more and take the survey here.

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ LaTransfo