Capitalizing on Data without Doing the Dirty Work

Derrick Harris reports that as data continues to explode, business owners don't need to rush back to school for a degree in Big Data analytics in order to capitalize on it. He writes, "Machine learning is high data science — a discipline focused on algorithms that automatically detect complex patterns hidden within datasets — and it’s fast becoming something that anyone leverages to sell more handbags, or solve a research problem, or build the next LinkedIn or Facebook… If you’re a small business or maybe even an individual, you need something easier. You need something in the cloud. And you need someone else to handle the hard parts."

Harris goes on, "These somebodies are already popping up for specific use cases, especially web marketing... As it turns out, getting consumers to buy things (well, your things) online isn’t always easy. Machine learning can help by finding those hidden patterns you probably didn’t even know existed, so you can tune your marketing campaigns accordingly. Maybe even make them personal. One startup trying to do just that is DataPop, which just closed a $7 million Series B round for its service that tries to present the most-relevant search ads to each individual consumer."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ SuziJane