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Creating a Successful Agile Data Warehouse

Skyward Skyscrapers

by Angela Guess Nancy Couture recently wrote for, “A successful agile data warehouse can speed the delivery of information to organizations. Ideally, initial raw data can be delivered to analysts quickly, then integrated into a formal enterprise data warehouse (EDW) for more robust and broad reporting in ensuing development cycles. Many companies have run…

Focusing Only on Big Data is a Mistake


by Angela Guess Bill Franks of Teradata recently wrote in Forbes, “One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen organizations make as they try to incorporate big data into their analytics processes is that they consider big data as having a completely separate and distinct set of capabilities. Many companies are setting up internal processes…

More Students Earning Statistics Degrees, but Not Enough to Meet Demand


by Angela Guess A recent article out of the American Statistical Association reports, “Statistics is one of the fastest-growing degrees in the U.S., but the growth may not be enough to satisfy the high demand for statisticians in technology, consumer products, health care, government, manufacturing and other areas of the economy, an analysis conducted by…

Case Studies: Big Data and the Retail Industry


by Angela Guess Writing for Inside Big Data, Daniel Gutierrez recently noted, “The future of big data and the retail industry is very promising with technology taking a strategic lead for maximizing competitive advantage. Let’s consider a couple of chief inflection points that the future might hold. First, the Internet of Things (IoT) will play…

20 Big Data Claims That Are All Wrong


by Angela Guess Bernard Marr recently wrote for Data Informed, “If your company has a big data initiative or is considering one, you should be aware of these false statements and the reasons why they are wrong. Here are a few of my (least) favorites: (1) Big data is nothing new. No, it’s not arrived…

7 Top Companies Looking for Data Science Professionals Right Now


by Angela Guess Kirsty Tobin reports for SiliconRepublic, “Data science is an incredibly broad sector, incorporating everything from analytics to privacy to zero bias. As such, the range of data science-related careers on offer is almost overwhelming. Roles across data mining, business intelligence, consultancy, datavis and research are just some of those that are very…

Big Data in the Oil Industry


by Angela Guess Katie Fehrenbacher of Fortune recently wrote, “Plummeting oil prices have forced the world’s largest energy companies to slash costs and increase efficiency. Enter big data. While oil companies have been putting billions of dollars into information technology for decades (BP operates what it says is the world’s largest supercomputer for commercial research),…

Microsoft Expands Azure Data Lake Big Data Tools


by Angela Guess Katherine Noyes reports for PC World, “Microsoft had its sights set squarely on big data when it introduced its Azure Data Lake earlier this year, and on Monday it broadened that effort with new tools designed to make big data processing and analytics simpler and more accessible. First, what Microsoft originally called… Fostering Innovation Through Open Data


by Angela Guess Tessa Berenson of Time recently wrote, “Dhanurjay ‘DJ’ Patil is the first ever Chief Data Scientist for the United States government, and he says the key to success is getting that data outside of where he works. ‘The best ideas are going to come from outside the federal system,’ Patil said Saturday…