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New Report: Applying Big Data Analytics to Human-Generated Data

2009 Feltron Report

by Angela Guess Paul Miller of GigaOM recently wrote, “As the analytics industry moves to address an explosion in machine-generated data, another opportunity is already here. Emails, texts, documents, and other unstructured human-generated data — and the metadata associated with them — deliver significant insight to businesses with the resources and will to mine them.” Miller…

Pinterest and Facebook Build Out Their Big Data Teams


by Angela Guess Cooper Smith of Business Insider reports, “Pinterest has acquired an image recognition and visual search startup called VisualGraph. With the acquisition, Pinterest reveals that it is working on big data problems — probably in order to improve content relevancy and to better understand its users for advertisers.   VisualGraph also brings two experienced and talented deep…

Why You Should Care About Workload Automation

Data Automation

by Jelani Harper Workload automation isn’t just a series of lengthy tasks (job scheduling) performed at 3 a.m. in the backrooms of IT departments anymore. It’s got a new look and feel, and can significantly assist the enterprise via: Self-Service Integration Options: Big Data and Cloud-based applications may be the future of data driven processes,…

The Military and Big Data

HMMWVs. Military HMMWV - High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)

by Angela Guess Colin Wood of Emergency Management recently wrote, “The big data movement is changing the way people work. And just like state, local and federal organizations, the military is trying to get smarter, faster and more flexible with its data. Dr. Eric Little, vice president and chief scientist for a company making big data software for…

Familiarize Yourself with the Latest Cloud Terminology


by Angela Guess Nick Hardiman of Tech Republic recently put together a detailed list of cloud technology terms. Some of the terms have been around for a while, and some are on the cutting edge. Here’s the list: “Bare metal IaaS – Physical machine rental rather than virtual machine rental. Like dedicated-server hosting with added cloud…

SAP Focuses Its Big Data Strategy


by Angela Guess Tony Baer of Ovum recently wrote in Cloud Computing, “With SAP having focused on building up the HANA platform, it has been later to the game in articulating its Big Data strategy. Over the past few months, several important pieces fell into place. SAP announced the extension of Smart Data Access, its federated…

3 of the Biggest Challenges Facing Big Data

11. Discrimination.

by Angela Guess Mike Wheatley of Silicon Angle recently wrote, “Few trends in technology were hotter than Big Data over the last 12 months. In fact, so much has been said about it during 2013 that it’s hard to see what else we can say in 2014. But of course, there’s sure to be plenty of…

The Best of the Big Data Predictions: Even Bigger in 2014

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

by Angela Guess Loraine Lawson of IT Business Edge recently pulled together the predictions she finds most insightful from this year’s round of end-of-year ponderings. She writes, “Just ask anybody—2014 is going to be an even bigger year for Big Data. ‘In 2014, we will see Big Data funding only grow, and at least one significant…

Tech for Lawyers in the Age of Big Data

Derrick Harris of GigaOM recently wrote, “The legal profession is inherently conservative when it comes to adopting new technologies and practices, but firms and lawyers that want to stand out in an evolving field might want to jump on the big data bandwagon sooner rather than later.”

Big Data, Sports, and the Love of the Game


by Angela Guess Joel Warner of Slate Magazine recently wrote, “Data analysis is a fact of life in pro and college sports. Teams have statistics gurus on the payroll, fans track every player movement, and corporate owners collect data on the optimal stadium experience. More than ever before, we know which variables matter in determining who wins and who…