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Taming Big Data with Data Governance

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by Angela Guess Steve Wexler recently wrote in IT-TNA, “Yes, data is growing at ridiculous rates, and yes, organizations are – eventually – expected to benefit greatly from combining Big Data and analytics to gain competitive advantages, but at the end of the day, this is just history repeating itself, said Chris Grossman, Senior VP…

Deconstructing Big Data Governance

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by Jelani Harper There are several governance concerns for incorporating Big Data into business, strategic, and operational decisions. Many of these issues relate to the characteristics of Big Data (high volumes, rapid ingestion, and available source diversity) which can enhance the decision-making process. Contemporary emphases on real-time analysis and predictive analytics attest to this fact.…

9 Tech Trends for the Coming Year


by Angela Guess Eric Knorr of Info World recently shared nine trends that he thinks will shape 2014 and the years beyond. High on the list: cloud technologies, Big Data, and NoSQL. Knorr begins his list: “Cloud is the new hardware. Credit Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz with this one. The thesis: All big industry shifts have been driven…

How Facebook Manages Its Data


by Angela Guess Steve Rosenbush of The Wall Street Journal reports, “Facebook Inc. analytics chief Ken Rudin says that Big Data is crucial to the company’s very being. And he has very particular ideas about how it should be managed. ‘Facebook could not be Facebook without Big Data technologies,’ Mr. Rudin said in an interview with…

New Survey Highlights Need for Big Data Experience


by Angela Guess Michael Vizard of CIO Insight recently shared the results of a new survey about the need for more Big Data professionals with solid experience. He writes, “While there’s no shortage of interest in big data, a new survey of 1,500 IT leaders and 2,000 IT professionals conducted by TEKsystems, a provider of IT services,…

Getting the Most Out of Big Data


by Angela Guess Howard Baldwin of Forbes recently wrote, “The big data phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down. Like any good journalist looking for blood in the water, I’m waiting for the backlash, just as we’ve seen with other new technologies, such as BYOD. But there’s been nothing but good news. Even in Forbes this week,…

ClearStory Data Reveals Data Intelligence Product

Dan Woods of Forbes reports, “After operating in a controlled, stealth beta for an unusually long time, ClearStory Data opened the curtain on its ‘Data Intelligence’ product on Monday, illustrating two powerful lessons that will present a challenge to both big data and BI vendors alike.”

Fighting Crime with Big Data


by Angela Guess Brad Grimes of Fed Tech Magazine reports, “The massive quantities of data that agencies collect is getting bigger every minute, piling into mountains of information. Law enforcement agencies—​​ throughout the federal, state and local levels — are compiling data constantly, but these mountains are useful only if agencies share and apply data…

NuoDB Placed On 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant For Operational Database Management Systems


by Angela Guess According to a new release out of the company, “NuoDB, Inc., the leader in distributed database technology, today announced that the NuoDB product was recently placed on the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems.The Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) is widely-regarded as the definitive source for competitive comparisons in the…

The Battle for Dominance in Web 3.0

Charles Silver of Wired recently wrote, “A new battle among the tech titans has begun. What are Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and a handful of others fighting over, using vast amounts of money, hardware and top talent as weapons?”