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Accelerating Internet of Things Analytics

internet of things analytics x300

by Jelani Harper The explosion of data projected to emerge in the wake of the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT)—and which is a daily occurrence in the Industrial Internet—requires specific needs for analytics that are unique to this facet of Data Management. In order to effectively glean insight into the continuous streams of real-time event…

Simplifying Predictive Analytics

simplifying predictive analytics

by Jelani Harper Predictive analytics represents the culmination of technology initially pioneered in Business Intelligence tools, especially when one considers their prescriptive capabilities that not only determine the likelihood of future events, but also prescribe the most viable courses of action to deal with them. When combined with sets of Big Data—which are constantly updating…

Business Users Don’t Know What They Want When It Comes to BI


by Saar Bitner It’s a typical starting point: Business users give IT a set of data, questions and requirements at the beginning of a BI project. But as they investigate and explore data, users return with a request for more data, deeper questions, and new requirements. Frustrating? Maybe. But the fact that business users do…