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5 Artificial Intelligence Startups to Watch


by Angela Guess Conner Forrest recently wrote for TechRepublic, “Companies like Google and Facebook are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in acquiring the top startups in [artificial intelligence], to put the data they’ve collected to work. Google acquired DeepMind Technologies in early 2014 and, recently, Facebook picked up speech recognition AI startup The…


James Kobielus 2

by James Kobielus I’m curious whether the Turing test makes sense in a world where the practical boundaries between humans and computers are dissolving rapidly. Does the distinction between people and machines really matter all that much anymore? The distinction is blurred every time you defer to a recommendation engine or turn left at your…

Metanautix Launches Quest 2.0 with Software-Defined Data Mart


by Angela Guess A recent article out of the company reports, “Metanautix, a big data analytics company focused on simplifying the data supply chain, today announced the launch of Quest 2.0 which includes the first of its kind Software-Defined Data Mart (SDDM). Quest 2.0’s SDDM enables teams to rapidly and securely build data marts using…

Cognitive Computing: Building Systems We Don’t Fully Understand

DCF 1.0

by Angela Guess Nicole Hemsoth recently wrote for The Platform, “One look at the IBM roadmap reveals that future emphasis, particularly on the software and applications side, will revolve around that catch-all trend that couples various elements from speech, text, and image recognition to create a brain–like system with reasoning and judgment capabilities–not to mention…

MetaMind is Giving Machines a Bit of Common Sense


by Angela Guess Will Knight recently wrote for the MIT Technology Review, “Talking to a machine over the phone or through a chat window can be an infuriating experience. However, several research groups, including some at large technology companies like Facebook and Google, are making steady progress toward improving computers’ language skills by building upon…

3 Types of Big Data to Focus On


by Angela Guess Larisa Bedgood recently wrote for Business2Community, “I was recently at a marketing conference and one of the attendees told me, ‘Whoever has the most data wins.’ This is the mentality for most companies — collect as much data as quickly as possible. After all, more is better, right? Well, not exactly. Really…