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Apple Gets Musical with Acquisition of Data Startup Semetric


by Angela Guess Paul Sawers of Venture Beat recently wrote, “Apple has acquired U.K. media data startup Semetric, the company behind the Musicmetric music analytics platform. News of the deal emerged after the London-based company changed its registered address to that of law firm Baker & McKenzie, the same registered address of Apple Europe Ltd.…

Choosing the Right NoSQL Database For Your Needs


by Angela Guess Thomas Casselberry of Information Management has put together a guide to help businesses determine which NoSQL database might be right for them. He writes, “In this big data market where the NoSQL database is king, there are more than 100 different offerings available in various licensed models. The fact that these non-databases…

SpaceX Receives $1 Billion Investment from Google and Fidelity


by Angela Guess Quentin Hardy and Conor Dougherty of the New York Times report, “[Google] along with Fidelity, has invested $1 billion in Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), the private rocketry company founded by Elon Musk. The move could help Google achieve its aim of bringing satellite Internet to remote corners of the world while giving…

NLP Startup Taykey Raises $15M


by Angela Guess Erin Griffith of Fortune reports, “Taykey, a New York startup that makes software for marketers, makes use of 50,000 inputs and 47 engineers with seven doctorates in natural language processing to build tools that surface trends. Inputs include anything from people ‘checking in’ with Foursquare’s Swarm app to a widely popular weather…

Taming Big Data with Better Customer Relationship Management

A lion tamer at Bertram Mills Touring Circus, Ascot

by Angela Guess Henning Ogberg of Tech Radar recently wrote, “Businesses need to find a way to analyse data to gain useful information that can help them realise their commercial goals. In order to do this, businesses need to break down their big data into bite-sized chunks. This will make data easier to analyse and…

Microsoft Acquires Machine Learning Startup Equivio


by Angela Guess Emil Protalinski of Venture Beat reports, “Microsoft today announced it has acquired text analysis software startup Equivio, though financial details of the deal were not disclosed. The company says it plans to integrate the machine learning technology into Office 365 ‘in the months ahead.’ While Office 365 offers e-discovery and information governance…