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Enterprises, Time to Dive Into Natural Language Applications


by Jennifer Zaino Consumers are getting more and more used to having natural language interactions with their applications, whether in the form of speech, text, or even gesture and touch. “It’s an exciting time because consumer expectations are changing massively,” says Andy Peart, chief marketing officer at Artificial Solutions, which in late September unveiled Teneo…

Deep Learning and the Benefits of Transfer Learning


by Angela Guess Nancy Gohring recently wrote for Fierce CIO, “Even researchers working in artificial intelligence sometimes don’t understand exactly why advancements happen. For instance, so-called deep learning, which is a kind of machine learning, often has the benefit of transfer learning, said Peter Lee, global head of Microsoft Research speaking on Thursday at the…

Artificial Intelligence and Us: 3 New Books


by Angela Guess The Economist recently wrote, “Artificial intelligence (AI) is quietly everywhere, powering Google’s search engine, Amazon’s recommendations and Facebook’s facial recognition. It is how post offices decipher handwriting and banks read cheques. But several books in recent years have spewed fire and brimstone, claiming that algorithms are poised to obliterate white-collar knowledge-work in…

Machine Learning Systems Perform Better When Given “Partial Credit”


by Angela Guess Larry Hardesty of the MIT News Office reports, “Machine learning, which is the basis for most commercial artificial-intelligence systems, is intrinsically probabilistic. An object-recognition algorithm asked to classify a particular image, for instance, might conclude that it has a 60 percent chance of depicting a dog, but a 30 percent chance of…

Talend Creates an Integration Platform for Apache Spark


by Angela Guess James Nunns of CBR Online reports, “Talend has created an integration platform that offers native support for Apache Spark and Spark Streaming. The platform will leverage over 100 Spark components and is designed to allow companies to convert Big Data streaming or IoT sensor information into actionable insights. Existing Talend customers will…