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Welcome to the Era of Analytics for All

Anjul Bhambri

by Anjul Bhambhri Unlocking data to make better business decisions has become a crucial part of success across a variety of professions. In fact, 83 percent of business leaders cite big data and analytics an important part of their plan to enhance competitiveness. The rise of data and analytics in the enterprise has created a need…

Is Hadoop Enterprise Ready?

Anjul Bhambhri

by Anjul Bhambhri Recently, there’s been much discussion regarding Apache Hadoop’s capability and usability (or for the latter, the lack thereof). Hadoop is an extremely useful but disruptive open source technology that enables users to store and analyze poly-structured data in large volumes. As enterprises look to analyze their data for increased business insight, they also…

Healthcare and Analytics: Taking the Pulse of Big Data

Anjul Bhambhri

by Anjul Bhambhri In two of my recent posts, I discussed the potential impact big data can have on energy management and business, explaining how customer and device data yield results that can provide an organization with a strategic advantage, either in service or offerings, over its competitors. As we now know, big data is the…