Morten Middelfart

BI’s Next Frontier: Marketing


by Morten Middelfart One of the coolest things about Business Intelligence and Analytics software is that it has applications throughout an organization. Finance can use it, sales can use it, support can use it, engineering can use it…everybody can use it. But there’s one department that’s been a holdout and hasn’t yet found the value…

Facts Beat Fear: Do You Fear Change?


by Morten Middelfart I will dedicate this entry to fear and how facts can overcome it. Overcoming fear is, in my mind, extremely important since competitive use of Big Data is leading a big change in controlling the data underlying organizational decision making. (See my previous entry). For more than two decades in the Business…

From Control to No Control: A Change in the Leadership Paradigm


by Morten Middelfart Every day we see more and more Twitter feeds, Internet blogs and technical white papers regarding Big Data and the vast ocean of information surrounding organizations each day. To successfully navigate this big ocean of Big Data, I propose that organizations analyze and make decisions based on both the controlled data that…