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Turning to Professional Service Firms for Big Data Help


by Angela Guess Jeff Kelly of Wikibon recently wrote, “Big Data is applicable to virtually all vertical markets, and the technologies that make up the emerging Big Data stack are diverse. But one thing most Big Data practitioners have in common is their employment of professional services firms to help navigate the journey to Big Data…

Democratizing Big Data for Science with Helix Nebula


by Angela Guess Mary Shacklett of Tech Republic reports, “Big data and big science have ‘teamed’ together for decades, residing in the cloistered halls of academia and research institutions. But as demand for big data accessibility and analytics soars, academic institutions, research consortiums, and cloud services providers are partnering to bring big science and big data…

New Experian Report Shows Marketing Teams Struggle to Access Data Quickly


by Angela Guess According to a new article out of the company, “Experian Data Quality, a part of Experian Marketing Services and a leading provider of data quality software and services, today published a new report on the prevalence of personalization and analytics required to support new marketing efforts. The study found that while almost half of companies personalize messages…

Despite All This Data, Execs Still Go with Their Gut

Ramachandran’s Brain

by Angela Guess T.L. Stanley of Mashable recently asked, “Do you ever worry that robots will one day run our major corporations, making dispassionate decisions based strictly on big data and cold statistical analyses? Or maybe some of us think that time has already come? Fear not, says a new study that looks at the roles of gut…

Why Your Business Needs E-Discovery And Information Governance

Analog to Digital x300

by Angela Guess Bassam Zarkout of CMS Wire recently wrote, “The difference between e-discovery and information governance is the difference between reactive and proactive. When documents shifted to digital format, companies needed a solution to help find and identify the electronically stored information necessary for legal procedures. Enter e-discovery. E-discovery allows companies to identify information assets,…

Talend Introduces the Big Data Sandbox to Accelerate Adoption of Big Data


by Angela Guess According to a new article out of the company, “Talend, the global big data integration software leader, today announced the availability of the Talend Big Data Sandbox, a pre-configured virtual environment designed to quickly get big data projects off the ground through real-world use cases and interactive learning tools. Big data projects often start…

Microsoft Introduces New Deep Learning System, Project Adam

Daniela Hernandez of Wired reports, “Drawing on the work of a clever cadre of academic researchers, the biggest names in tech—including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple—are embracing a more powerful form of AI known as ‘deep learning,’ using it to improve everything from speech recognition and language translation to computer vision, the ability to identify images without human help.”

Oracle Unveils Big Data SQL


by Angela Guess Rachel King of ZDNet reports, “Hadoop continues to operate as a looming influence in the world of big data, and that holds true with the unveiling of the next step in Oracle’s big data roadmap. The Redwood Shores, Calif.-headquartered corporation introduced Oracle Big Data SQL, SQL-based software streamlining data running between the Oracle Database…