Q & A – Callimachus: Semantic Web Apps Made Easy


Q&A Session for "Callimachus: Semantic Web Apps Made Easy"

Q: Was Callimachus arguing against a "single inheritance" hierarchy or arguing against a universal "Thing" which is the superclass of all things?

A: Callimachus, the Greek poet, could easily justify placing many of his scrolls (of short poems) in multiple bins. He argued that some things have multiple categories (or types) and could not be arranged in single hierarchy.

Q&A Session for The National Information Exchange Model and Semantic-Driven Development


Q&A Session for "The National Information Exchange Model and Semantic-Driven Development"

Following the webcast, Dan McCreary answered questions from the live audience. Here is a transcript of that discussion.

Q: My understanding is that NIEM is not considered a Federal Information Exchange Model and does incorporate Federal, State, Local, Tribal and Private Sector partners.

Q&A Session for Webinar II: SPARQL for Business Rules and Constraint Checking: Introducing SPIN*


The Following Questions were generated during the original webcast on April 1, 2009


Q: How easy is it to debug an application?

A: (Dean Allemang) As a user of this system (not its designer) I can respond to this from experience. It is surprisingly simple. Unlike Rete-based rule engines (for example), rule firing uses a very simple execution model.

Q: Do you do constraint checking before updating the data like in relational DB? How is the performance if data is frequently updated?

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