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Panel – Bringing SemTech Back to the Business


With a panel of leaders from the semantic technology industry, this session will give us the opportunity to reflect on the many discussions that have taken place during the week of SemTech 2008 and help us map the course as we prepare to extend those conversations back into our workplaces. We will touch on issues of ROI, making the case for semantic technologies in the enterprise, and what to expect in the coming year in the semantic tech space.

Note: This podcast is "Premium content", and requires Semantic Universe registration, which is free.

Semantic Venture Panel: Investor Opportunities and Pitfalls


This panel features prominent VCs, some of whom have made substantial recent investments in semantic technology companies. They will offer a variety of perspectives spanning both the opportunities and pitfalls they see in the emerging marketspace.

This session is particularly appropriate for CTOs developing new products and services based on semantic technologies, as well as entrepreneurs trying to understand where the money folks see the best business opportunities.