CCKF Is Using Semantic Tech to Revolutionize the Classroom

Carmel Doyle of Silicon Republic recently wrote, "New technologies such as whiteboards, tablets, laptops and chromebooks are being gradually blended into the curriculum to change the face of education. The idea, it seems, is to give teachers more to work with when nurturing students from primary school all the way up to fourth level, and even students in lifelong learning courses. Such digital technologies are impacting how students interact with teachers and fellow students, and indeed their own brains, to absorb information and learn new things. One Irish company is on a mission to capitalise on the digital space, fusing science with technology, with the goal of disrupting the classroom by using what it calls 'intelligent algorithms'. It’s also aiming to create jobs for graduates and to keep its head office in Dublin. The ultimate goal, however, is to bring its new technology platform to new markets, starting with the US and then spreading globally. The technology is called Realizeit and the company is CCKF."

Doyle continues, "Students in more than 11,000 course areas have already used the company’s technology - think English composition, mathematics, accounting and business management. In Dublin, CCKF already employs 18 people – a mixture of scientists, salespeople, academics and its founder, David Collery… He said the goal of CCKF’s Realizeit technology is to change the face of pedagogical partnerships (theory of how to teach and instruct students correctly) and to individualise student learning, right from primary level up to lifelong learning and continuing professional development. He said the technology is not to disrupt the future of teaching, but rather to disrupt the future of the classroom. One of the buzzwords of the moment in technology circles is ‘big data’, a term used to define huge volumes of both structured and unstructured data. Big data, or linked data and the semantic web, is really coming into play in the Realizeit platform pioneered by CCKF, according to Collery."

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Image: Courtesy CCKF