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Challenges of the Modern Economy: Companies That Fail to Transform, Will Disappear

By   /  June 30, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

A recent press release out of gA states, “The constant flow of data that companies currently receive, thanks to digital technology, should be converted to profitability for their business. Otherwise, those companies will be doomed to failure in the middle term. ‘The great challenge facing today’s business entities is to undertake an organizational redesign that allows them to analyze data in ways that boost the bottom line,’ says Roberto Wagmaister, CEO of Grupo ASSA (gA), a leading Digital Business Transformation (dBT) firm with offices and operations in the United States and Latin America.”

Wagmaister added, “You have only to look in the rear-view mirror, and study the trajectory of companies like Kodak, to foresee what’s coming. After inventing digital photography, Kodak virtually disappeared from the marketplace… Driven by the acquisition and management of data, we are very likely entering the fourth great transformation wave of humanity and knowledge. However, business systems must be modified to capitalize on available technology. Companies need to understand that we are at a point where those who do not transform, will disappear.”

The release continues, “In contrast to popular opinion, gA’s top executive is betting that new technologies have the potential to generate a remarkable number of job opportunities. ‘The technology to make business more sustainable exists. Today, we have multiple, diverse tools that enable us to instantly predict consumer behavior and trends,’ says Wagmaister. ‘Creating new jobs for people who have the capacity to develop successful links between the real world and digital platforms, will increase the sustainability of a company’.”

Read more at Business Wire.

Photo credit: gA

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