Charlene Yi Gives Her Take on Real-Time Updates and Social Search

In a recent interview, Charlene Yi, founder of the Altimeter Group gave her insights on the problems and possibilities created by social search and real-time updates. In the interview Yi states, “I think search is moving into this very interesting stage where it's a combination of semantic web, the social web, and context. That combination will lead to a much more relevant experience.”

When asked about the challenges that social networking pose for search, Yi responded, “Indexing is extremely difficult when you have information coming in and people responding back and forth to the information… The second thing is understanding the meaning behind the information… When things are coming in real-time, how do you determine whether content is important or relevant to a particular search query?”

Yi also commented on questions of privacy:  “As we become more public in the things that we talk about, we actually become more private… I think people increasingly realize that what you say and do on Facebook is not private.”

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Intersection Consulting