China and the Internet of Things

John Riley of Computer World UK writes, "I've started this blog on the Internet of Things for one main reason. It's down to my surprise and concern about the lack of real urgency and the low level of awareness I see around me among corporate leaders and in government of this looming revolution that will transform all our lives. One factor alone - China - should be making western political and business leaders wake up, sit up, take notice and put the 'Internet of Things' firmly into all their political and corporate business planning cycles."

He continues, "The outgoing Chinese Politburo certainly recognised the transformative impact of billions of cheap, small, very smart, intercommunicating sensor devices - the miniature building blocks of the Internet of Things. This is about the capability of every object to have a unique identifier (URL) using chip, sensor and communications technology to intercommunicate with its environment, other objects and living things (including humans) - and also to make autonomous decisions. This'll be hugely disruptive to us all. The technology embracing Chinese government is now three years into building its Internet of Things programme which last year it reckoned to grow annually at 30% to become a £48bn market within China by 2013."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Dainis Matisons