ClearStory Data Reveals Data Intelligence Product


Dan Woods of Forbes reports, "After operating in a controlled, stealth beta for an unusually long time, ClearStory Data opened the curtain on its 'Data Intelligence' product on Monday, illustrating two powerful lessons that will present a challenge to both big data and BI vendors alike. ClearStory makes use of semantic models to understand the contents of each data source and of domain specific languages and APIs to allow tremendous flexibility in both transforming data and in supporting collaboration. Before addressing how these two techniques perform some usability magic tricks, it is worth pointing out one of the reasons that the stealth mode was so lengthy."

Woods continues, "Those, like me, who spend a lot of time keeping track of what’s going in the world of data analytics, will be surprised at the scope of what ClearStory is offering out of the box. It seems the stealth mode was so long because of how much was packed into the product… Here’s my crack at describing the product in a super computer science-ey paragraph: ClearStory is provides an abstraction of a multiple different types of data sources that are each described by a semantic model, which used both for suggesting relevant new sources and also proposing ways to join data. The extraction of data for analysis is performed by a DSL which delivers and updates the data into a form for analysis. The analysis and exploration of the data is controlled by a model-driven architecture, also powered by a DSL, that provides an interactive experience based on visualization. Under the covers the entire architecture is built for scale and also accessible through APIs. All of this is embedded in a collaborative environment."

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Image: Courtesy ClearStory