Gives Tweet-Length Definitions for Any Term

Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH of Germany has released, a free service that “provides short, fast, and under 140 character long explanations which everyone can understand… The merger of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia and the 140-character short message service Twitter, at first glance, doesn’t work well together. But delivers short, handy explanations for terms that are gathered from the user-based community. compliments the service by allowing short, quick routes to the explanations regardless of which application the term comes from. Behind both services is the idea of making information easily accessible.”

The article adds, “Instead of having to manually open, words can be searched directly from a document, a technical article or an e-mail... To do this, the user selects a term… [and] the icon appears automatically above the mouse cursor. By selecting the icon, will automatically search the website for the search word and display the desired explanation in a quick-view window next to the mouse cursor. The user doesn’t even need to open
their browser. The explanation can then be viewed on the website or added somewhere else with, [such] as a post to Facebook.”

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