Clipped Curates News Better with NLP

Ken Yeung of TheNextWeb reports, "Finding ways to keep track of what’s happening in the world and in various markets can be pretty difficult, especially on mobile devices. People are interested in seeking out new ways to allow them to get information that’s relevant and important to them. Apps to help with this problem include Flipboard, a popular social news aggregator that has helped to change the way people consume content,, and Summly. Now, Clipped is seeking to take its place as one of those services and has launched its iOS and Android apps to help optimize the way people consume the news on their mobile devices. An alumni of the Teens in Tech incubator, Clipped says that it delivers top news content in the form of bullet point summaries that it believes will 'save users time and energy.' Its app also includes a summarized search engine that allows users to 'read summaries about exactly what they want'."

He continues, "Created by Tanay Tandon, a 15 year-old entrepreneur who is a Natural Language Processing enthusiast, as a way to read evidence files in a debate class faster, Clipped’s original intent was to be something that the average teenager could use easily. He says that it was important for the user to be able to open up the application and immediately find the most important information in front of them. Instead of being subjected to pages of content about a particular story, such as the US 'Fiscal Cliff', sporting events, business opinions, anything else, wouldn’t it be better to just get it summarized for you in bullet points so that you can get the important parts and move on with your life? Summaries can be posted by users to Twitter and Facebook."

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photo credit: Clipped