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Cloud Market Maturity Study: Regulations, Privacy are Top Concerns

By   /  September 28, 2012  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

A new study out of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA shows that “government regulations, exit strategies and international data privacy dominate the Top 10 areas where confidence in the cloud is lowest. A collaborative project by ISACA and CSA, the Cloud Market Maturity study provides business and IT leaders with insight into the maturity of cloud computing and will help identify any changes in the market. The report, released today, provides detailed insight on the adoption of cloud services among all levels within today‚Äôs global enterprises and businesses, including the C-suite.”

It goes on, “The study reveals that cloud users in 50 countries were least confident about the following issues (ranked from least confident to most confident): (1) Government regulations keeping pace with the market (1.80). (2) Exit strategies (1.88). (3) International data privacy (1.90). (4) Legal issues (2.15). (5) Contract lock in (2.18). (6) Data ownership and custodian responsibilities (2.18). (7) Longevity of suppliers (2.20). (8) Integration of cloud with internal systems (2.23). (9) Credibility of suppliers (2.30). (10) Testing and assurance (2.30).”

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photo credit: CSA

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