CollabRX Creates Editorial Board for Prostate Cancer

Following the news earlier this month that CollabRX has released a semantic clinical support tool for oncologists, CollabRX has formed a new editorial board for prostate cancer. According to the article, "CollabRx, Inc. [yesterday] announced the formation of an editorial board for prostate cancer to be led by E. David Crawford, M.D. who will serve as Chief Editor. Dr. Crawford is the distinguished Professor of Surgery, Urology, and Radiation Oncology, and head of the Section of Urologic Oncology at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. He is an active clinician, researcher, and teacher who has been recognized as one of the Best Doctors in America, one of the Best Cancer Doctors, and one of the Top 20 Urologists in the country by Men's Health Magazine. Dr. Crawford will lead a distinguished group of physicians from leading institutions such as Yale University, University of Michigan, Cleveland Clinic, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and others."

The article continues, "The board's initial activities will focus on the creation of a Therapy Finder™ app for advanced prostate cancer. To develop this app, editorial board members will work with CollabRx scientists to identify and synthesize information relevant for prostate cancer treatment planning including clinical guidelines, drugs and other therapies, clinical trials, and diagnostics. The new app will extend the CollabRx Therapy Finder™ product line, which currently covers colorectal cancer, melanoma, and lung cancer. Knowledge in Therapy Finder™ apps is kept dynamically up-to-date by internal CollabRx scientists using the company's proprietary semantic integration platform, a technology developed by CollabRx to enable the efficient and semi-automated gathering, annotation, and curation of the world's knowledge on molecular medicine for oncology."

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Image: Courtesy CollabRX