CollabRx Releases Semantic Clinical Support Tool for Oncologists

According to a new article out of the company, "CollabRx, Inc. today announced the release of a new version of its Therapy Finder™ application ('app') for lung cancer. The lung cancer Therapy Finder™app is a web-based decision support tool that enables oncologists to take into account the genetics of a patient's tumor when determining a treatment plan. The newest lung cancer Therapy Finder™ is currently freely available at the company's website and via distribution partners such as MedPage Today, Everyday Health's physician portal ("

The article continues, "The app content is kept dynamically up-to-date by internal CollabRx scientists using the company's proprietary semantic integration platform, a technology developed by CollabRx to enable the efficient and semi-automated gathering, annotation, and curation of the world's knowledge on molecular medicine for oncology. In support of these activities, CollabRx is advised by an independent board of independent lung cancer experts, led by Ravi Salgia, MD, PhD, a professor of Medicine at the University of Chicago. Other lung cancer expert advisory board members are affiliated with hospitals and cancer treatment centers at the University of Colorado, Harvard Medical School, University of Pittsburgh, Johns Hopkins Medical School, The Ohio State University, and the Medical University of South Carolina. Many of these advisors use the lung cancer Therapy Finder™ app in promoting patient/physician engagement when treating lung cancer patients at their own institutions."

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Image: Courtesy CollabRx