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Common Crawl Announces Winners of Code Contest

By   /  October 8, 2012  /  No Comments

Common Crawl has announced the winners of their first ever Common Crawl Code Contest.

Common Crawl has announced the winners of their first ever Common Crawl Code Contest. According to the site, “We were thrilled by the response to the contest and the many great entries. Several people let us know that they were not able to complete their project in time to submit to the contest. We’re currently working with them to finish the projects outside of the contest and we’ll be showcasing some of those projects in the near future! All entries creatively showcased the immense potential of the Common Crawl data.”

Here are some of the grand prize winners: “People’s Choice: Linking Entities to Wikipedia – It’s not surprising that this entry was so popular in the community!  It seeks to determine the meaning of a word based on the probability that it can be mapped to each of the possible Wikipedia concepts. It creates very useful building blocks for a large range of uses and it’s also exhilarating to see how it can be tweaked and tuned towards specific questions. Project description. Code on GitHub.”

Another winner: “People’s Choice: French Open Data – Another very popular entry, this work maps the ecosphere of French open data in order to identify the players, their importance, and their relationship. The resulting graph grants insight into the world of French open data and the excellent code could easily be adapted to explore terms other than “Open Data” and/or could create subsets based on language. Project description. Code on GitHub.”

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Image: Courtesy Common Crawl

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