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Community Challenge: The Semantic Web in 140 Characters

By   /  June 25, 2012  /  No Comments

Community Challenge: Semantic Web in 140 CharactersAs a community, we Semantic Webbers have done a poor job communicating our value clearly and concisely.

Last week, I stated the case in more detail at the Enterprise Semantics Blog, and Aaron Bradley continued it over at Google Plus (here and here).

Today, I bring you a challenge.

Describe a value of the Semantic Web clearly in 140 characters. Tweet it with the hashtag #SemWebRox.

Why a value and not the value? Because different people have different opinions on what the most important facet of the Semantic Web is. And since you can’t have more than one most important value, just stick to one, and make it convincing.

Why 140 characters? It’s not just Twitter. Restricting space in this way forces you to get the core of your argument. No elaboration. No amendments. Straight value.

Here is my attempt:

Write yours here or tweet it directly. We’ll aggregate them and include in a future post!

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