Concept Searching Partners with Discovery Machine

A new article out of Concept Searching reports that the company "has entered into a partnership agreement with Discovery Machine, Inc., developer of knowledge capture and deployment technologies for subject matter expertise automation. This arrangement brings together Concept Searching’s expertise in metadata generation, search, auto-classification, and taxonomy management, and combines it with Discovery Machine’s proven methodology for capturing subject matter expertise. Discovery Machine has leveraged its success with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Naval Air System Command (NAVAIR), and Boeing to develop a suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software solutions."

The article continues, "Discovery Machine has attained Concept Searching Technically Certified Partner status, awarded only to partners who have demonstrated consistently high technical competency and have continued to invest in both their technical environment and staff in support of the partnership. Technology from Concept Searching will complement Discovery Machine’s experience in knowledge capture and technological consulting services. This will enable organizations to use subject matter expertise to access and infer upon company information stored in Microsoft business software. Combining Discovery Machine’s knowledge capture approaches with Concept Searching’s Smart Content Framework™ will create an intelligent solution that can query large data sources and intelligently present information an expert would have selected."

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Image: Courtesy Concept Searching