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Bree Baich

Bree Baich, Transmedia Mastermind, SAS Institute

Interactive design, visual design, design strategy and multi-media storytelling are great descriptors of Bree Baich’s Transmedia Mastermind role for SAS Best Practices, a thought leadership organization at SAS Institute. For Bree it’s all about telling the right story and her unique perspectives lend themselves to fresh, innovative ideas. She’s built and delivered educational workshops on a diverse range of topics from data integration to best practice interactive workshops. Her most recent presentation is “Communicate Your Business Message through Visual Storytelling.”

Bree writes about storytelling for Dataversity.net, SocialMediaToday. com and AllAnalytics.com. Popular posts include, “The Top 3 Questions People Ask About Data Storytelling,” “3 Ways Storytelling Can Help You Connect with Your Audience” and “Two Things I Know About Storytelling that Apply to Data Stories.”

She has numerous other publications including some of the items below:

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