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Kwame Gyamfi


Kwame Gyamfi, Chief Data Architect of Akim Information Technology, Corp.

Kwame Gyamfi is a husband and father of four children. He received his Master’s Degree from North Carolina State University in Technology and International Development. Mr. Gyamfi has worked at NASA Headquarters and was selected to work on the NASA Administrator’s Financial Dashboard. Mr. Gyamfi has over 15 years in the federal service with various other agencies that include the Department of Defense (DoD), State Department and currently support the Department of Labor eGrants system. Mr. Gyamfi has recently joined the NAACP as the Technology Chairperson and is currently integrating his data analytics software platform called iSonar into the work-flow of the organization. This software platform will provide assistance to the organization in areas of foreclosure and tax issues in their communities. On March 8, 2011 Mr. Gyamfi gave a presentation to the White House President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) about the Open Government Executive Order signed into law by President Obama and the implications this platform will have on the software development and data scientist community.

Mr. Gyamfi is the Chairperson of the NAACP of the Prince George’s County Branch in Maryland.


Mr. Gyamfi is the founder of the Meetup.com community of Federal Software Engineers and Data Scientist Group.