Controlled Vocabularies Survey Touts Data Integration

We recently reported on a survey being conducted on the topic of controlled vocabularies. So far, 143 participants have given their feedback and the initial results of the survey are in. One article writer was surprised by the answer to the survey question, “What are the main application areas of controlled vocabularies from your perspective?”

The article states, “A bit surprising is the intermediate result, that it´s not ‘Semantic Search’ or ‘Support of multilingual applications’ which was considered to be the most important application. Instead of this it turned out that ‘Data Integration’ is king.” Over 57% of respondents rated data integration as “very important” while only 2.1% rated it as “not relevant.”

The article continues, “If you don´t think this should be the final result, please help to get a better overview of what´s going on in the controlled vocabulary community. The survey is open until May 18th, 2011 – all participants will gain access to a report with the results within the following month.”

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ lumaxart