Convergence of Semantic Tech, Cloud, Hadoop, & NoSQL Spurring Big Data

Rutrell Yasin recently wrote that a convergence of growing technologies, including semantic web technologies, will spur exciting Big Data projects in 2013. Yasin writes, "The maturity and convergence of four technologies will help government decision-makers derive more value from their big data projects in 2013, predicts Chris Biow, public sector CTO at MarkLogic, a developer of databases for big data applications. 'Cloud computing, Hadoop and NoSQL databases are the three game-changing technologies that are being applied to big data,' Biow said. 'I think this is the year that government agencies get their hands around what each of them can and cannot do.' Semantic technology is the fourth discipline to add to the equation, which can be used to extract facts from structured and unstructured data as well as handle relationships between data in a more flexible way than traditional relational databases, Biow said during an interview with GCN."

Yasin goes on, "Cloud computing has enhanced the delivery of big data.  The cloud 'gives you a flexible way to get the computing resources you need,' Biow said.  But it doesn’t answer the question of what you are going to apply those resources to, Biow said.  That is where Hadoop comes in for the distribution of bulk-type tasks, not ones that require real-time responses, he said. Hadoop is an open-source software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications. Hadoop takes care of compute-intensive, non-real time requirements and handles file-type storage, he said.  However, if users are interested in the storage of big data applications, which tend to be unstructured, NoSQL databases are better positioned to handle that type of data."

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