Could Top 10 US Newspapers Up Revenue by $400M with Semantic Targeting?

ADmantX has released the findings of a new study "conducted on the top 10 US newspapers by simulating A/B testing using keyword targeting/semantic targeting on 20,000 pages from each publication. The analysis noted an average increase in ad reach up to 73% and an average increase in ad lift up to 48% using semantic targeting. Optimizing the match between content and ad is a fundamental step in making the economics of digital advertising work for buyer, seller and consumer."

The article continues, "This is where ADmantX comes in: semantic technology improves contextual targeting by increasing reach and lift at the same time -something keyword-based and statistical-based semantic targets cannot do. ADmantX further distinguishes itself over other targeting technologies through its ability to identify emotions in content. This ensures that the underlying emotional response to the content matches advertisers' desired action or response."

J. Brooke Aker, CMO of ADmantX commented, "Traditional print newspapers are struggling financially; moreover, they struggle with the transition to a digital world when it comes at the expense of print… As a contextual analysis pioneer in providing publishers with the data they need to make the most of their advertising inventory, we wondered if newspapers are doing everything they can to maximize their digital revenue streams. Not surprisingly, we found that the top 10 American newspapers could collectively raise revenue by over $400 million by adding semantic targeting to their ad operations."

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Image: Courtesy ADmantX