Cray Releases Big Data Appliance, Urika

Timothy Prickett Morgan reports, "Supercomputer maker Cray has released an exotic appliance to help deep-pockets organizations find the relationships hidden in the torrent of information now being collected about, well, everything and everyone. Sometimes you want to Map and Reduce that big data to sift it for some golden nuggets of information, and sometimes you want to take data about people or objects and see how they are connected to each other – or, better still, to see how they might be related, even though there is not a relationship expressed in your data."

Morgan continues, "The appliance, called Urika... is a combination of open source software to do graph analysis on big data coupled with the fourth generation of Cray's 'Threadstorm' massively threaded processors that has been tuned to do relationship analytics, or what is sometimes called graph analytics. Essentially it is like playing n degrees of Kevin Bacon on your data sets – not to look for a specific piece of information, but rather to divine how all of the elements of a data set are connected to one another. The Urika appliance is the first product of the YarcData division that Cray announced last month."

Learn more about Cray and the company's offerings at SemTechBiz San Francisco this June.

Image: Courtesy Cray