Creating Standards for the Internet of Things

Michael Vizard of Programmable Web recently wrote, "While just about everybody would agree that the Internet of Things within the context of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications is one of the next big things on the Web, turning that vision into reality has been problematic because of the lack of standards. To address that specific issue a cross-industry group called The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) has been promoting the adoption of a oneM2M initiative that promises to harmonize various standard initiatives in a way that should make the Internet of Things truly programmable."

Vizard continues, "Speaking at the recent ITEXPO West conference, Dr. David Foote, CTO for Hitachi CTA and vice chair of the oneM2M Steering Committee, says because M2M market is overly fragmented, there are no standard APIs that developers can use to build M2M applications. Ultimately, this only serves to retard the development of the Internet of Things, which today is little more than a hodgepodge of incompatible proprietary systems. To unify the Internet of Things Foote argues there needs to be a common set of services that can be invoked via an API. Developers will still be able to use multiple tools to invoke APIs, but each M2M platform should not require developers to learn yet another set of arcane APIs to build an application, says Foote."

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Image: Courtesy ATIS