Crystal Semantics Unleases Its Semantic Targeting Technology in AppNexus

Crystal Semantics, a pioneer of semantic advertising solutions recently announced the “deployment of its leading semantic targeting technology within AppNexus, the real-time advertising platform used by ad networks, demand-side platforms, and other leading online advertising companies.”

According to the article, “The co-operation enables clients of the AppNexus platform to target campaign relevant content by selecting from Crystal Semantics 3800+ semantic categories to optimize their display advertising campaigns. The addition of this data assists platform users to make a more informed decision about context when bidding on impressions within the platform. Additionally, users will be able to utilize Crystal's brand safety categories to identify content which may compromise or damage brand values, a capability which enhances AppNexus' industry-leading brand safety controls. The functionality is currently available across 12 languages.”

Crystal Semantics co-founder Ian Saunders stated, “Context still matters to link the target audience to their environment… By deploying on the AppNexus platform, Crystal Semantics empowers users to select the content that is both relevant and brand safe. Our semantic data provides buyers with the ability to target specific contexts across a range of languages and avoid impressions that may be inappropriate either through being irrelevant or because the content is objectionable. With Crystal Semantics data available on the AppNexus platform, all buyers now have access to a solution that offers better visibility, enhanced performance, increased profitability while offering peace of mind.”

Image: Courtesy Crystal Semantics