CSC Acquires Infochimps In Bid To Make Big Data Deployments Better

Infochimps has a new owner: Major IT services firm CSC just acquired the company late last week. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The company began life as a big data marketplace, with the goal of “democratizing the world’s access to data” (as we reported here). But more recently it has been more about providing a scalable cloud platform for deploying and managing big data environments. (See Paul Miller’s commentary on the company’s transitioning business model here). That platform is based on what Infochimps built internally to process and analyze the data it stores within its marketplace.

Among the technology in the Infochimps cloud are Cloud::Streams, a stream processing cloud service that provides in-memory, real-time analytics, distributed ETL and complex event processing (CEP); Cloud::Queries, an advanced NoSQL database and ad-hoc, query based analytics that provides the ability to interact with and analyze billions of data elements; and Cloud::Hadoop, Elastic Hadoop clusters and batch analytics.

Writes CEO Jim Kaskade in Infochimps’ blog, entitled What’s a $15B powerhouse in information technology and professional services doing with an open-source-based Big Data startup?:

“Infochimps delivers Big Data systems with unprecedented speed, scale and flexibility to enterprise companies….By joining forces with CSC, we together will deliver one of the most powerful analytics platforms to the enterprise in an unprecedented amount of time.” He notes that Infochimps will continue under its current leadership and with its existing Big Data team, with CSC leveraging its capabilities to drive “new client experiences and thought leadership” in the Big Data arena.

In the press release announcing the news, CSC CTO gives the matching perspective: “CSC’s customers are looking for both deep analytics and real-time correlation through a pre-integrated cloud platform. The joint CSC-Infochimps capabilities give our customers the ability to provision their analytic platform, point their data streams and deliver new industry insights.”

Infochimps reportedly just last week released a new version of its cloud software with support for VMware vSphere private clouds; deployment of Infochimps into any private cloud; and the ability to migrate data applications between different clouds.